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Winter Warmer Live Entertainment Showcase 12th November – Liverpool


Featuring some of the hottest acts for Winter Events and Events next year, Actastic have one of the best line-ups yet for their Winter Warmer 2014 Showcase! Honestly, we were trying to hold off doing our showcase event this year, but due to high demand from...
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How to Book Live Entertainment

Frequently Asked Questions when booking Live Entertainment!

#1 How does booking Entertainment work? * Start with a date in mind * Start planning early, the key to booking excellent quality entertainment is to book it in early. Good acts always get booked up quickly. * Have a realistic budget in mind. * Have...
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3 Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

3 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR WEDDING DAY MEMORABLE There are lots of articles on ways to make your wedding day memorable, but I write this article having been to my daughter and son in law’s wedding reception last November. They were married in St. Lucia and decided to have an evening reception for the families when...

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