Monthly Archives: September 2015


Wilsons Kitchen a Meaty Delight

Wilsons Kitchen - a meaty delight! A retro, modern but vintage, dreamy new establishment. Set upstairs and next door to the well-known "mamma Mia," Wilsons kitchen is definitely the new "in" place to be. They are ahead of most on the social media front too, they are getting it right. It's about time someone stepped...
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6 Reasons to Hire an Entertainment Consultant

6 Reasons to hire an Entertainment Consultant: Consultants are being brought in to help companies around the world providing expertise in the field they know. Presently there are many entertainment agencies throughout the UK, but very few can offer expertise having gained experience from being a performer, a venue owner and an agent. Even then if...
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A Look at the Barbacoa in Crosby

A Look at the Barbacoa in Crosby! This is a mega establishment sporting high quality live entertainment and a new trend - The Black Rock! The Barbacoa has been around for years, it’s a “heard of” venue, everyone knows the Barbacoa for good reasons. What I love about this place is that it re-establishes itself at the...
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