5 things to Consider when booking live Entertainment for your Event or Venue

No event or function is ever complete without live entertainment. When it comes to choosing the perfect entertainment to suit your event, theme, brand and audience, you need to get it right first time.

Don’t guess it!

An entertainer or band will either set the tone for the perfect event, or if you get it wrong, awkwardly perform whilst your guests do their best to ignore their performance.
That’s why you should hire an industry expert!

Hire an entertainment agency who can offer you advice and knowledge of entertainment to suit you. There are many things to take into consideration when booking live entertainment, to start you off we have listed five things to consider when you are looking to book live entertainment for your next event or venue.

1. Know what are you looking to achieve from hiring live entertainment! Is it to be a spectacle that adds wow factor and prestige to your event? Is it to get everyone on the dancefloor? Is it to create an ice-breaker for your guests? Is it to fill short gaps throughout your event to ensure that it runs smoothly? Is it for all the above?

2. What is your budget? Knowing this always helps to give an entertainment agency a guideline of the options they have available to suit you.

3. Book at least 6 months in advance! To hire the best entertainment, you need to book early. Be organised, you are more likely to receive far better quality entertainers if you book early. The best acts get booked up quickly. This also gives you more time to market and promote your event should you need to.

4. Consider what you will need to do in order to make the entertainment work to the best of your advantage. Example, if you are hiring an ipad magician, you may only require a room for the magician to change in and leave his belongings securely. However if you are hiring a full band, you will need somewhere for the group to change, that has a mirror, that is private. Ideally a stage, or very clear, professional looking “entertainment area” should be allocated. A good entertainment agency can help you with this, take their advice, in doing so, you might just make your function or event an absolute spectacle.

5. How will you judge your event on being a success? Is it that people danced all night? Would it be that your venue was full and profits increased? Would it be that the entertainment made such a great impression with your guests that they will remember your name and your company?

The above are great questions to consider before you start looking at entertainment options.
Remember, always use an expert entertainment agency. A good one will bring the best results for you!

For more help and ideas on how you can hire the very best entertainment for your event contact Franklin James Entertainments on 01494 682800. Visit www.franklin-james.co.uk or email info@franklin-james.co.uk

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