7 Top Tips to promote your event and functions

7 Top Tips to promote your event and functions

Franklin James Entertainment would like to thank you for your custom and in return would like to provide you with 7 tips on how to increase footfall, revenue and ensure your function is a huge success.

#1 Are you inviting People Personally? Newsletters and emails are certainly the fastest way to invite people to attend your event, but they are not always the best way to offer a personal mode of communication. At the very least if using email, you need address your potential guests by their names. When you are hosting a function or corporate event, its always good to add a personal touch. A great way to promote your events is to invite your guests face to face. So if you are a hotel venue, your receptionist or events managers could always tell your guests about the event you are hosting.

#2 Promote your Event online: If you have invested money in live entertainment and catering, why not spend a few extra pounds on marketing? Posters and flyers are good for advertising, but nothing comes close to the web. You must use the internet for promoting your event because millions of people access Internet from all over the world. Even better, if you have an online ticketing facility on your site, then people can simply click on your web listing and reach the ticket booking section.

There are plenty of social media outlets to make use of, which are free too! Make your listings unique, make them personal, make sure they represent your brand. Events and entertainment are exciting, make sure your potential customers get that feeling when they see your listing on social media or on other online sources.

#3 Follow-ups! You have to remind people that your event date is approaching and you expect them to be there. For example, if you are organizing a regular event every month, then you must have the email addresses of people who bought tickets in previous months and years. Email them at regular intervals to inform them that your function date is coming up and that they should visit your site or call you to book their seats or table.

#4 Weak call to action: The key to selling anything is to tell your buyers what the benefits are that they will enjoy if they book to attend your event. Make sure that your advert features a compelling call-to-action. Make sure you make your advertisements about what the customers will feel when they attend one of your events, what they will be left with, after all, its about them and they want to know what great things will come from coming along to one of your events.

#5 Ticket Offers & Prices: Some of you may say that the reason your customers are not buying tickets is because your ticket prices maybe too high? This problem can easily be solved. Customers like a good deal. They love anything costly when it is offered at a reduced price. So, if you have decided to keep the ticket prices at £44.95 each, then share a discount offer on social media for a week or two and tell people that though the ticket price is £44.95, you are giving 20% discount to all those who buy this week with the discount code. This “discount” is usually a great way to excite people to buy!

#6 Your offer is not “Special” Quality food and free drinks offers are not always enough to sell tickets. You have to give your customers something more than that! Often, a unique experience, or a brilliant memory to be created is more valued by your guests than free food and drinks.

#7 Show your customers that you are Credible: When people visit your website to find out more or to book seats, they judge its value by viewing your web design and content featured. Therefore, it is important that your website earns the trust of potential customers. Keep the content brief, professional but exciting and to the point. Make sure you list testimonials that are relevant to event nights or past events. Write the name of important personalities associated with your events or venue and post images and videos of past shows to convince potential guests that they will miss something if they don’t book quickly.

These are some of the basic reasons why people don’t buy the tickets for some events. We hope it helps you.

If you would like to find out further information on how to increase footfall and revenue at your venue and events, contact a member of our team, and we would be more than happy to provide you with our expertise. Email: info@franklin-james.co.uk or call 01494 682800.

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