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Franklin James have a huge range of fantastic and spectacular Acrobat Dancers available to hire for performances at corporate events and weddings throughout the UK and internationally. Our talented acrobats combine stunning dance routines and lifts, providing dramatic performances to wow and impress your guests.

Their costumes can be catered to suit you and your event, from beautiful and elegant outfits, nautical themes and Christmas costumes to dramatic colours to match your company logo for corporate events should you require.

Our acrobat dancers have performed all over the world at some of the most prestigious events and venues. They receive rave reviews and referrals from everywhere they perform. The performers we work with are highly trained, their shows professionally choreographed and routines are not your every day “aeroplane” lift like when you were a kid! These guys are the real deal. With a vast amount of key performances under their belt for corporate clients and companies, food festivals, trade shows and exhibitions at locations across the globe, this dramatic, high energy and powerful acrobatic show team will create every bit of the ‘wow factor’ that you are wanting.

Book our fantastic Acrobat dancers today, whether it be for a festival, wedding entertainment or corporate ceremony entertainment, and be dazzled by their outstanding shows and costumes and routines that can be catered to suit you and your event, whether you are wanting something humorous or elegant and amazing!