Everything you need to know about hiring a Fire Performer

You’re really sure you want a fire performer for your event or wedding, but you need to know that there are different kind of fire performers, Fire Breathers, Fire Dancers, Fire Eaters and so on.

You might ask what’s the difference between them? Nothing makes your audience feel more amazed than watching a fire performance. Be it dancing with a flaming sword or lighting a tongue on fire, it brings about that magical experience and amazement to your audience. It’s not only an instant chat starter but also a memorable entertainment feature that your audience will remember forever.

Just what kind of fire performer are you meant to hire? First and Foremost, a safe one! All Our fire performers are totally experienced specialists and are the safest you’ll ever get. They all have public liability insurance and risk assessments too. We symbolize a few of the very best fire performers, who place safety and your amazement first before anything else and bring an unrivalled performance everywhere they go. Here’s exactly how to tell what type of flaming entertainment is right for you or your event and how to hire the best.

Fire show act

Fire Dancing
Fire dancing is the overall term for a movement based performance where in fact the entertainer controls flaming items. Most times these items are familiar — hula hoops for example. And sometimes they are unfamiliar to un-professionals. Some typically common fire performance props/items are staffs, torches, poi, palm torches, swords, hula hoops and fans. The uncommon ones include sai, long poi, Chinese rope dart, dragon staff, double staff, and nunchacku. Fire dance is the broadest group of fire performance and includes numerous styles of activity. A fire dancer can also be considered a martial designer, a hula Hooper, a belly dancer, or fit to any variety of different explanations.

When done by the right person, all fire dance is thrilling and high impacting. It creates a great feature performance and is effective for ambient or walk-around entertainment. It’s specifically best for indoor events in large locations and large outdoor gatherings. Since fire dance is so flexible, you can adjust to any theme or mood, from a marriage to a luau or formal corporate and business event. Talking to an entertainment agency is the ultimate way to really know what will fit best for your space and budget.

Most fire dance arts can be done with fabric props for mid-day events, rainy days, inside locations, and kids’ gatherings. Light-up props are also a fantastic choice for when you want light and colour. Super Bright LED props look good in theatres, dance clubs and banquet halls and are exquisite for when guests need to get up near the performers for taking photos.

contact fire performer hire

Contact Fire
Contact fire identifies the practice of light the outer part of the skin on fire within an imaginative fashion. While performers do use specific fuels because of this, it isn’t a technique! It’s hot, and it’s really real.

When you should hire a contact fire artist?
Contact fire occupies much less space than a fire dance would, so it’s best for venues with somewhat less room. However, contact fire alone doesn’t attract a great deal of attention and display duration usually has to be short. The fire performers usually do the contact fire technique to be able to provoke the utmost audience response. It’s ideal for when you’re looking to add some extra entertainment in a fire eating, sideshow act and fire dance. Contact fire is well suited for warming up bachelor/bachelorette get-togethers, burlesque nights and setting up a dramatic look for professional photographers to take pics.

Pippa The Ripper Fire Eater

Fire Eating
Fire eating is whenever a performer extinguishes a fire by placing it in his / her mouth and lowering off air to the torch. Fire eaters can also perform stunts using the flaming vapours that accumulate in their mouths.

When you should hire a fire eater?
Fire eating is good for smaller settings where it might be difficult to fit a fire dancer and it’s especially well-suited for ambient or walk-around entertainment. It is best to do in a well ventilated indoor space, but can likewise be done outdoors on calm days. Fire eating looks good in many settings, especially in weddings, carnival events and luaus.

Fire Breather hire

Fire Breathing
Fire breathing is an amazing art in which a performer uses his/her mouth to atomize fuel via a lit torch, creating a sizable cloud like form of fire . It requires a great deal of space for the performer to do it perfectly. When done, it is sure to leave your audience amazed.

Fire breathing is extremely versatile and can look good as part of any fire-related performance. It really is, however, a higher risk than the other fire arts and is also not recommended under an unstable weather.

When you reserve a fire performance, it is also smart to consider whether you’d like a choreographed act/function, ambient entertainment, a stage show or even combining them all. Stage shows and Choreographed works make good diversions during special events and are exquisite for fundraisers and arts celebrations. We’ll often reserve them for occasions with stationary followers/audience that want to get completely immersive entertainment. The Ambient fire performance is usually less expensive and a little bit more versatile. If you wish to improve the mood of any ongoing party with setup flaming surprises, beautiful fiery visuals around every corner, or just to astound your audience with lots of fire, ambient fire performance can be an awesome choice.

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Good fire performance booking agents will work with you to determine exactly what will fit best for your budget and event. They’ll give expert attention to making your event or party fun and unforgettable.

You can view some of our fantastic fire performers here, do check with your venue first before hiring though! Call one of our team today on 01494 682800 or email info@franklin-james.co.uk

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