Everything you need to know about hiring an Aerial Artist

Everything you need to know about hiring an Aerial Artist!

Mix a blend of contortion performed high off the floor with delicate seamless routines, amazing stunts and undeniable self-confidence and you get impressive shows performed by outstandingly skilled Aerial Artists. To have the ability to execute such an act requires years of practice, training and talent.

Aerial artists perform at a variety of events from corporate events to weddings, private parties, festivals and more. Aerial artists have the tools to easily fit into hotels, event venues and outdoor events, whether fixing to a structured beam or using their own portable free standing rigs.

Aerial artists create jaw dropping stunts and amazing displays of skills leaving audiences in amazement and admiration. The thought of aerial acts surely are a welcome idea to highlight any event wanting to create prestige and wonderment.

If you are interested in hiring an aerial artist, the best way to do it is through an entertainment agency. They will be able to advise you of the requirements for the Aerialist and liaise with yourself and venue/location to ensure that the Aerial performance can take place effectively and efficiently.

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Space and Apparatus needed for Aerial Performance

Access to a main support beam or reinforced steal girder installed in the roof of the venue is the safest and most ideal rigging option. If you need to hire a free standing aerial rig, it needs 25 x 25 feet of surface/ground space and 18.5 foot in height. There’s also a rectangular and much smaller free standing equipment available, which requires 8 x 8 ft of space and 12 ft overhead clearance. This equipment is employed for smaller spaces. Our Aerial artists can provide the free standing rigging/apparatus that is most suitable for your event.

Costume designs, silk colours, themes and fabrics for an aerial performer can often be selected by you, meaning that themes, brand and company logos can often be matched by the performer.

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Aerial Silk
Aerial silk is a performance where an artist(s) perform aerial acrobatics whilst clinging from a strong type of cloth or fabric. Performers effortlessly climb the suspended cloth/fabric without the utilization of wires or harnesses intended for safety. Instead they trust in their training and skill to ensure safety at all times. The fabric is utilized by them to wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral their bodies into and out of varied acrobatic positions. Aerial silks can enable a performer to take a dazzling flight through the air, displaying figures and graceful poses in choreographed routines to music if required.

Aerial acrobats add a breath-taking aspect to almost any occasion. Our aerial entertainers are capable of performing at corporate parties, festivals, launches, galas, weddings, television shows, private parties, ceremonies and lots more!

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Aerial Hoop
The aerial hoop is rather like a “hula hoop”— suspended from the roof, which the artists use to perform aerial acrobatics and aerial routines. It can be used by spinning, swinging or static.
Straps will be the connection points where in fact the aerial hoop attaches to the rigging. Most aerial hoops hook up at each one or two of these points. The number of straps an aerial hoop has will rely upon how it will be used, the intended impact, and the performer’s comfort and ease. Aerial Hoop performances certainly are amazing to watch. Lots of “WOWS” are sure to come from your audience while the performance goes on. It is good to keep in mind that it’s not just about the “WOW Factor” that an aerial performance can bring, but it’s about hiring the perfect performers to do and we at Franklin James Entertainments have the right performers!

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Aerial Net
In this spell binding aerial performance, the artist, who is seemingly captured in the net, floats towards a breath-taking and elegant dance of emancipation. Whilst floating above the ground, the aerial artist will perform an artful display of acrobatic elements creating amazement and a visually captivating show for all guests to see.

The Aerial artist floats and effortlessly surprises the audience with jumps, twists and turns and artistic flare. An Aerial Net performer will create an unforgettable experience for all in attendance, offering a unique and bespoke performances to suit almost any special event.

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How dangerous is an aerial performance?
Aerial dancing and performances are dangerous indeed. When hiring an aerialist, you need someone who performs regularly and that has lots of experience. It is our job to bring to you extensively trained professionals, that never forget to do safety checks on their equipment, practice routines regularly, someone who knows their capabilities and someone who is able to confirm the rigging requirements are secure and safe for the intended aerial stunts.

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There are other inspiring Aerial Performances available to hire, such as Aerial Heliosphere to Trapeze, Aerial high Wire shows and more. However listed above are the most popular and fascinating of them all. Our obligation at Franklin James Entertainments is to make sure that all Aerial shows are performed with the creativity of the very highest order, with artistic flare and professionalism. For more information on how you can hire a fantastic and awe inspiring aerial performer for your event CLICK HERE! OR CALL 01494 682800

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