Franklin James Launches New Company

On a weekly basis we hear stories from artists who “don’t get paid on time by agents or venues!” We hear stories from Agents who are owed “£1000s” in commissions from artists and all the while, we have provided advice and help, wishing we could do more. To add to this, I can whole heartedly tell you that we at Franklin James Ents. have zero overdue Debt, and using straight forward, “non threatening” “customer pleasing” procedures that we have specifically designed to suit our competitive and challenging industry, we continue to retain customers, clients and artists, with our “no-nonsense”, but “friendly approach” to credit management and debt collection.

Some of you may know Sharon Stevens (Finance Guru for Franklin James Ents), who is an expert in credit management and debt collection. Sharon or the (Oracle) as we call her in the office, has been hired throughout the UK to help Blue Chip companies sort out their Credit and debt management affairs. From being hired by Peel Ports Group to Alexander Dennis, 3663 to DBS Accountancy, (yes you read that correctly, an accountancy hired Sharon to sort out their credit and debt management processes,) Sharon has obtained in excess of £120 Million for the three blue chip companies that she has represented.

On from here, hearing disheartening stories of Agencies not having the time to keep up with out-standing debt, bookkeeping and the likes, Sharon, in association with Franklin James Entertainments has now established a professional, confidential Company that provides solutions to help industry affiliates along with other Corporate Companies.

franklin james credit management

You are Not A Bank!

We are offering you affordable, time saving solutions for collecting monies owed, bookkeeping and credit management services, without ever needing to leave your desk!
Don’t worry, using the professional techniques and procedures that we have developed, it will NOT effect your relationships with your existing customers, agencies, affiliates.
Even those really difficult customers can be made to pay by using our effective debt management processes.

If you would like to chat to us further in confidence about the services that we have to offer, you can call Sharon directly on 01494 682801 or 07521059932 or email

Let us free up your time to spend on the things you like to do, rather than the things you don’t!

After All, Time is Money!

We offer Pay as you Go, One off Collections or Monthly Contracts

In addition if you would like to keep your collections “in-house” we can provide you / your staff with consultancy training workshops, from the comfort of your own office, to streamline your collection processes.

Expert Credit Management Agency

•Do you get bogged down with Chasing outstanding payments?
•Do you have time to Chase Over Due Bad Debt?
•Do you know that there are very simple and easy procedures that we can provide you with that will:
a) Save you Time & Money
b) Bring in your out-standing overdue debt
c) Still enable you to retain your clients, venues and artists

Franklin James Entertainments Ltd are a testimonial of these procedures and solutions. They have worked for us for over 8 years and now, with Franklin James Credit Managements confidential, professional service, they can work for you too!

*Want venues to pay on time
*Want to improve and accelerate cash flow
*Want to streamline collection processes
*Want to collect old and difficult debts
*Want to retain customers
*Want to reduce your dependence on your bank
*Want Acts to pay on time
*Want to resolve queries quickly and efficiently

If you would like to chat to us further in confidence about the services that we have to offer, you can call Sharon directly on 01494 682801 or 07521059932 or email

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