How to Book Live Entertainment

Frequently Asked Questions when booking Live Entertainment!

#1 How does booking Entertainment work?

* Start with a date in mind * Start planning early, the key to booking excellent quality entertainment is to book it in early. Good acts always get booked up quickly. * Have a realistic budget in mind. * Have an idea of what style or theme of entertainment you are looking for * Contact Actastic entertainment agency and find out more information on the type of acts and entertainment you are looking for:
Details you will want to know
• Price and deposit structure (Does that include travel and all associated expenses?)
• Venue and set up requirements
• What you need to provide
• What they will provide
• Do they have promotional material available if required
• Event day arrival time, length of services rendered, etc.
• Any other questions that may be specific to your event, like branding, theming etc.
• Does the act(s) have public liability insurance
* Once confirmed you will then receive a booking contract, as will the band/act
* PROMOTE – the success of an event often comes down to the level of promotion, the more you promote, generally the more successful your event will be. You can hire the best entertainment around but if you don’t go all out on promoting your event, then you may be quite disappointed.
* Actastic will be in touch as the date deadline approaches to go over any final details and arrangements * Finally – be prepared when the day arrives. The act will need an area to set up their equipment or show. They will need a warm clean area with a mirror to change etc. Make sure steps are in place so that on the day the running goes as smoothly and effectively as possible so that you don’t have to worry.

#2 Is this ur full time business?
Yes, we are a real, full time, professional business, with office premises and staff who have experienced backgrounds in live entertainment, wedding planning and event management.

#3 Why use an entertainment agency, isn’t it cheaper to go direct?
The majority of time, this is not always the case. We are here to negotiate the best possible price for you and booking through an agent provides you with additional safeguards should things go wrong. If an act has to pull out through illness or another unforeseen problem (highly unlikely) we’ll work hard to find you a replacement, even if it’s at the last minute. In the rare case that something goes wrong and as a third party to the contract between yourself and the act, we’ll do everything we can to rectify the situation.

#4 What if I can’t find an act that I am wanting on this site?
If you cant find what you are looking for on our site, Contact Us by calling +44 (0)1704 880894 or email and let us know what you are looking for. If we don’t have the act you are looking for available, we will be able to create bespoke entertainment to suit your event and theme.

#5 Why Actastic?
Actastic can offer you a larger selection of ‘quality’ acts than you can find on your own, trawling through the internet. All of the acts that we work with have been vetted and auditioned by members of our experienced team. We have years of experience helping clients and venue owners to pick the perfect band or live entertainment to hire for their event and we only work with proven, vetted, professional, high quality and dependable acts. We provide professional legal contracts to our entertainers and our clients for every booking, which virtually eliminates cancellations that can happen. Actastic are very passionate about entertainment and aspects relating to the industry and we keep up to date with new entertainment that is emerging so that you can stay ahead of your competitors or have the newest trend setting entertainment first, at your event.

#6 How do I choose which band to book?
One of the most difficult tasks for an entertainment agency and co-ordinator is to select entertainment that is fitting for an audience. Whether it’s a wedding entertainment, corporate event entertainment, or an act for a private party that is to suit all ages, the idea is to pick entertainment that will engage with the audience so that they have a good time or that will create a memorable event (in a good way!). Here are some tips that from our experience will help you achieve this:
1) Select an act or performer that everyone will like, not an act that only you might like.
2) Do you want a standout wow electric performance from an outlandish fire breathing show? Do you want a band that people will get up and boogie all night to? Do you want a celebrity to create a buzz about your event? Do you want a background musician or band to perform in a more relaxed style? Whatever it maybe, make sure its suitable for your event.
3) Make sure you receive plenty of information about the act or group that you are booking. Testimonials that are relevant to the type of event you are having, video footage, professional publicity. Can the act adapt to suit you and your event? Has the agency seen and auditioned the act that you want to book to ensure quality is high?
4) Make sure the agency are able to provide you with alternative and similar entertainment should the worst thing happen on the day of your event! Cancellation. (that’s why its always best to book through an Entertainment Agency for that added security).
5) Finally once you know that this is the band you want to book, BOOK THEM! don’t wait around as when you do decide to eventually book them it may be too late.

#7How far in advance should I book?
For wedding bands and corporate party bands, its always best to book 12 months in advance to ensure you can book the band that you want for your day or event. Better to be safe than sorry! Actastic can provide last minute solutions should they be required and we have done so for many events, but its always best to be prepared.

#8 Do the acts have public liability Insurance?
Yes ! Actastic ensures that all acts and entertainment we work with have the relevant insurances, risk assessments and PAT testing for their equipment. Copies can be forwarded to you or the venue upon booking.

#9 Will the band learn a specific song?
Yes! Given enough time, a band, musician or vocalist will learn a song or two for you within reason and as long as the track (if booking a solo vocalist with tracks) is commercially available.

#10 Are there any hidden fees?
There are no hidden fees. The price we provide, that is laid out in the quote and on the booking confirmation that you receive, is the total fee.

#11 There are noise restrictions at our venue can act still perform?
Yes, the act will arrive early before your guests to set up their pa system and sound check. They can liaise with you or your contact at the venue to ensure that sound levels and settings are perfect well before guests arrive.

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