How to hire a comedian for your Corporate Event, Wedding or Party


Comedians are the ideal professional entertainment to bring an energetic happy vibe to your event, whether it be a corporate event, a wedding or a private party, comedians tailor their shows to suit you and your guests.

There are a number of different styles of comedians to choose from, whether it be an after-dinner comedian, a stand up comedian, a comedy magician, comedy vocalists, improvisational comedians or ventriloquists, all using their own bespoke shows and unique comedic twists.

A stand-up comedian is one of our most popular types of entertainers hired. They are great if you are planning for a night of laughs, with no strings attached! They’ll draw in your audience with their amazing story telling skills and carefully planned jokes from their life experiences, which can be real or fake, usually ending in applauds and hysterical laughter.

Choosing the most ideal comedian for your event really matters! You need a comedian that’ll liven up your event, one that has experience in performing at other similar events to yours, one that can judge a crowd and change his/her show slightly if needs be. If you are thinking about hiring a comedian for your event, take a look at the guidelines below before doing so.

Know Your Audience
The first step is to understand your audience. Give yourself sometime to consider their personalities, try to envisage what style of comedian they will want to see and hear! Some comedy entertainers provide good clean comedy, while other comedians are more “blue” which can sometimes be unpleasant for the audience. Having your audience members offended by the entertainment is not ideal and it may leave a sour atmosphere in the air! Consider this carefully when you decide to hire a comedian for your event and ensure that the talent you hire is professional. A knowledgeable entertainment agency will be able to advise you on the most suitable comedians to hire for your event.

Consult A Reputable Source
It’s especially important that whenever you work with a comedian that you hire from a reputable source or valid recommendation. Take into account that your entertainer is likely to be the sole concentration of your audience for a substantial amount of time. You as well as your guests want an entertainer that delivers, that is advantageous to your event and professional. It is very risky to rely upon a comedian who you know nothing about….How will you know that they will arrive on time, well prepared and ready for your event? Finding a comedian via a non-reputable source might well ruin your event. Consult a reputable entertainment agency such as Franklin James Entertainments who works with and recommends professional comedians for any events world wide.

Consider Your Venue
Generally comedians are pretty versatile and can tailor their acts to suit various settings. However, you do need to think about how your audience will be seated for good viewing of the performance or show. As the host or organizer you want your guests to be comfortable and relaxed, as does your entertainer. So establishing the perfect environment is in everybody’s best interest. The performer will have a peaceful and attentive audience, the guests will be comfortable and open minded, and you will be acknowledged with a great night of perfectly fitting entertainment.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality!
Sometimes people sacrifice quality for price and then find that the cheaper alternative was a waste of money or that it did not deliver what was required. The money you spent has bought you a problem, instead of delivering exactly what you wanted or envisaged. This applies when choosing entertainment for your event. So don’t choose the cheap alternative and expect them to deliver everything required, turn up on time, turn up at all and be experienced and professional. You get what you pay for! You want jokes that are funny and entertainment that works, so make sure quality is not sacrificed.

Always remember to keep these suggestions in mind when you decide to hire a comedian. They are not musts, but guidelines. If you do apply them, you will be on your way to ensuring the best comedy entertainment for your event and your audience.

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