Oompah Band

Oompah Band

The Oompah Band is much more than just a band. With their stylish Bavarian sound they bring a ‘Bierkeller’ atmosphere to any event, playing either 3x 40mins or 2 x 60 mins to suit. Guests are kept entertained throughout the evening singing the Bavarian Drinking Song, learning to ‘seat sway’, dancing the polka, playing team games, singing along to old favourites and much, much more.

The Oompah Band can adapt to any venue and just need 4 chairs and a mains socket! They bring their own P.A., lights and background music for the breaks.

For larger venues The Oompah Band can augment to a full 8 piece band that sounds simply amazing!

About the Players

Dave ‘Helmut’ Cole plays the tuba and calls the tunes. He leads the singing in the Bavarian Drinking Song and keeps the guests busy with funny things to do. Dave drives the band bus and tells the best jokes.

Herr Lipp, alias Cliff Wybrow has mastered the art of playing very high notes on the Clarinet without the aid of a safety net. He is the band choreographer and past runner-up in a hairy knees competition.

Fraulein Karline, aka Caroline Mitchell is really a virtuoso violinist who just happens to enjoy playing the squeeze box. She is the perfect playing partner for the boys; charming, witty, struggles to finish a half of cider and is a great cook!

Heimi Winklestroker, alias Paul Shepherd plays trombone and is the band’s very own bier expert. He can tell a Pils from a Weitzen at ten paces and is always first to sample a brew, then another…. and another….. before recommending one to his colleagues.


‘Thank you so much for helping to make the Apres Ski Party the best party outside of the Alps! Your band fit perfectly with all the theming for the evening and we are so delighted that you could make it. We had many compliments about how wonderful you were and how you helped the authenticity of the night.”
Apre Ski Party,
Kensington Nov.2006