Comedy String Quartet

Comedy String Quartet for Hire

This brilliant Comedy String Quartet are an all-singing, all-dancing comedy cabaret act that adds a touch of class to any event. Whether it be a performance for a corporate event, public event entertainment or wedding entertainment, they cater their show to suit you and your event. Their unique Wedding comedy string quartet show, is an exhilarating and hilarious alternative to the traditional string quartets you may have seen before! The group always remain professional and stylish, however your guests will be entertained to the maximum! They can provide shortened snippet comedy shows for a brief opening before an awards ceremony or longer sets to entertain multitudes of people at University open days for example.

This unique comedy string quartet can perform in a spectrum of musical styles, including classical, jazz, opera, folk, pop all performed with hilarious high-energy and dancing! No audience is too big or too small and the show works brilliantly in huge venues as well as in small intimate parties.

They have performed to stadiums of 1000s with full amplification, but also have performed acoustically for a prestigious dining parties of 10 people. Whatever your event maybe, their show is always guaranteed to liven up any event with side-splitting laughter and brilliant and well known song choices.

Please note that this concept has developed so successfully over the past few years that we have hand-picked some of the world’s finest string-playing entertainers to satisfy growing demand for the act. We now have multiple groups of glamorous virtuosic players performing the same hilarious act across the globe concurrently. This means that specific players may not be the same as portrayed in our publicity photos, but we do guarantee you enjoy the same world-class act and the same standing ovation every time!


To book our comedy string quartet show, contact Franklin James today on 01494 682800 or email