Stilt Drumming Band

Drumming Band Mitch
Drumming Band Mitch 2

This fantastic stilt drumming band are a world class level percussion group who perform on stilts. Using bespoke instruments and costumes, and combining unique street rhythms with dazzling stilt choreography.

The group have been described as “pushing the boundaries of what performance with drums should be”.

There are many percussion groups that perform at festivals and parades, but this stilt drumming band are unique. They aim to impress, dazzle, captivate and inspire audiences and all people that experience their performances.

The group is a collection of some of Britain’s finest percussionists and performers who bring musical influences from all around the globe. Africa to Brazil, Cuba to Spain, India to New Orleans. These unique rhythms can be performed at Festivals, parades, carnivals, corporate events, moving or static, outdoor and indoor (ceiling heights being suitable of course!)

The band also perform in a wide variety of costumes from, carnival style to chefs, monsters to woodland creatures or night-time, fairy lit drummers. What ever the event, they can adapt.

They are fantastic for creating a dramatic opening impact for any event, they are the perfect group to create attention and PR around your shop or venue. The types of events they have performed at are endless.

They can perform as anything from a trio to a 15 piece group. Each performance will involve various members performing on stilts as well as ground based performers all dependent on the type of event.