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Taiko Drummers
“The Way of the Drum” introduces the traditions of taiko in an accessible and entertaining concert. Taiko drumming has a long history in Japan from its roots within religious festivals, used to call the attention to the gods at Shinto ceremonies, to folk song, folk dance, and traditional theatre. These fascinating traditions are revealed to the audience in an accessible and entertaining show, engaging the audience with dialogue and participation, in between the hard-hitting and powerful traditional taiko pieces.

The traditions of taiko are extremely varied, with each area of Japan developing their own unique style of playing. These different styles are introduced within the concert, with the stories behind them, as well as revealing the methods of construction of these beautiful hand-crafted instruments.

The show is designed to be flexible and performed at small to medium-scale venues of every kind, from arts centres to school theatres, to village halls & community centres.

The concert integrates powerful taiko rhythms with tightly knit choreography and theatrical and lighting effects. The concert is musically varied, with a range of taiko drums from the precise rhythms on the small high-pitched Shime drums to the huge powerful beats on the Odaiko big drum, which penetrate right through the chest, requiring an impressive feat of stamina and endurance to play. There is an element of dance within the show, in addition to the graceful & choreographed movement of the drummers themselves. The concert also features a variety of percussion instruments, creating layers of percussive soundscapes to envelop the audience, and also incorporates the haunting melodies of the bamboo flute.

Quite simply, a taiko drumming concert by this wonderful troup is not “just drumming” – it’s a complete aural & visual experience which captivates the audience from start to finish. The tension is palpable in the atmosphere, and the audience are left clamouring for more.

The perfect entertainment for corporate events, awards ceremonies and other functions.