Celine Dion Tribute

Celine Dion

A superb Celine Dion Tribute show featuring the incredible talents of the fabulous of Julia paying tribute to the biggest selling female artist of all time… Miss Celine Dion.

Recreating the songs from her 2008 World Tour ‘TAKING CHANCES’ and ‘A NEW DAY’, Celine’s number one hit show from Las Vegas. Sit back and be entertained with all of Celine’s greatest hits from her first USA number one ‘The Power of Love’ in 1994 to her latest album releases.

Whilst recently performing her Celine Dion tribute show in Dubai, Julia was also invited to meet up with Celine in person. The two of them spent time chatting backstage, just prior to Celine going out onto stage to perform her ‘Taking Chances’ world tour. Celine’s sister even took the time out of her busy schedule to come and watch Julia perform, commenting to Julia at the end of her performance that ‘This was the best Celine tribute she had ever seen’ and that the looks, movements, mannerisms and most importantly the voice were absolutely spot on. She went on to say that it was just like watching her sister on stage.