Elton John Tribute

Elton john

This fantastic Elton John Tribute has been playing the piano since the age of seven. He now combines his musical talents with the ability to take on the voice and mannerisms of Sir Elton, which makes one amazing stage show.

Years of working with audiences from all over the world on land and at sea has given him the experience and confidence to entertain each audience between songs and he even speaks like Elton John so the audience get the full effect of a real Elton John experience. With great attention to detail, stunning costumes and a stage presence to rival Elton John himself, he will leave you feeling like you’ve seen the real thing.

“I was blown away the first time I saw him on stage. I actually thought we’d booked Elton John! He sounds like him, looks like him and leaves the audience on a high after every show. I’ve seen a lot of tribute acts in my job and if you want Elton John and can’t afford the real thing then there’s only one person for the job.”
Stuart Cole, Entertainments Advisor, Thomson Gold.