Meet Paula Bolton


Your Favourite Destination:
St Lucia – Sun, Sea, Sand, fine food, cocktails and its where we got married after all.

Things you like:
Sushi, reading, sky diving, bungee jumping,

Things you don’t like:
Mash Potato, Spam, people eating and ruffling popcorn or crisps loudly in the cinema.

Craziest thing you’ve ever done:
A Bungee jump (twice) dressed as Amy Winehouse off a 100ft Crane!

Favourite Movie:
Pride & Prejudice

When you are not working, what are you doing?
Playing or dancing around the house with my son, husband and mother.

Your favourite restaurant:
The French, Manchester (so Far) I also like Sushi Samba

An Interesting Fact about you:
I have sang for 37,000 people at Mathew Street Festival in Liverpool (3 times)

What do you stand for / believe in:
To support and encourage my Family. To inspire, help, motivate, and enthuse the people around me, with genuine passion and sincere appreciation, never to criticise or complain. To be proud, to stand for what you believe in, to define myself.

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