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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I book with Franklin James Entertainment Agency over any other?
Q. I need help deciding which act to book!
Q. How do I know your bands or entertainers are any good?
Q. Won’t booking through an agency cost more?
Q. Check the venue allows live entertainment and holds the appropriate licenses
Q. My venue has a noise limiter so can I still book live entertainment?
Q. Can I request a song?
Q. How much space will a band require for their performance and what power?
Q. Why should I hire a DJ can I not just plug in my own ipod with playlist?
Q. Will the live entertainment provide all their own equipment?
Q. Do the Artists, Bands and Performers have their own public liability insurance?
Q. What is the Artist Rider?
Q. Can I see the act or band before I book?
Q. How do I book?
Q. How far in advance do I need to book?
Q. Will I receive a contract?
Q. How Secure is any balance payment I make to Franklin James Entertainments?
Q. What Payment methods do you accept?
Q. When do I pay the balance owed?
Q. What happens if I need to cancel?