Shaking Things Up! With Corporate and Wedding Pianist – Leo Nicks

Think along the lines of Jerry Lee Lewis, (perhaps without the leopard print suit) and you wont be far from envisaging the hottest on trend act, Right Now….. “the thrilling Leo Nicks!”

Leo’s Live and Dazzling Piano Show is unlike anything you may have seen in recent times. From the moment he flicks the piano stool from under his legs, to the moment that he performs his quirky live show whilst sitting on the piano playing it backwards, you will be utterly impressed! As will your guests! It really is something of a prestigious, colourful and spectacular affair.

Jerry Lee

Leo loves to have a boogie to the “good old Rock n Roll hits” with everyone, but when he performs modern songs, mixed with Rock n Roll, comedy and upbeat energy, all carefully composed by himself, it creates a show to watch and enjoy like no other.

Leo’s clientele hire him to perform at exclusive events across the globe and his resume includes luxury overseas hotels as well as cruise ships. Leo performs unique covers of modern day and traditional classics, which are the perfect addition to any VIP corporate event. Essentially he is the ultimate Corporate and Wedding Pianist.

Leo Nicks Live Corporate Show

His 18 years of experience, starting from the age of 6, has made it possible for him to adapt to any audience providing bespoke, high energy performances to wow and entertain anyone.

He caters his show to suit the theme of your event and company brand. A recent request was for Leo to play snippets of songs, to add a fun element at a corporate awards ceremony, as people walked up to collect awards!

To add to his live show and to help ease and relax your guests into the perfect atmosphere, Leo can perform additional background acoustic piano songs, with or without vocals.

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