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Aerial silk performers and Aerial hoop performers are the high flyers of the entertainment world. They add class, glamour, wonderment and amazement to any event, especially the aerial silk performers. They perform intricate movements in dance routines using the silks to display wonderful performances high above your heads, demonstrating grace, elegance, excitement and strength in the most memorable way. They perform their routines to dramatic music or a choreographed routine to a song of your choice. Our aerial silk performers are the most experienced and most sought after aerial acts in the UK.

The Aerial silk performer solo act is the perfect entertainment to open or close an event, or to inspire and entertain your guests between dinner courses.

Our fantastic aerial performers also offer corde lisse, spinning web and trapeze. We have Aerial performers who offer group shows featuring a minimum of 2 aerialists, who can perform dramatic routines to songs of your choice. They are available to perform silks, hoop and trapeze too!

Hangabouts, or aerial meet & greet acts are un-choreographed, they provide ambient sets of around 20 minutes per set throughout the duration. Usually, these are placed near to the entrance of an event to surprise the guests as they enter. The Aerial Meet & Greet hang about acts provide a great photo-opportunity and are always a fun talking point at any event whether it be for wedding entertainment or corporate entertainment!

Our experienced team are more than happy to help and assist you with your rigging requirements and give you advice on what is needed.

We can liaise with you and/or the venue to meet any requirements, it’s a lot easier than you think to book such fantastic aerial show performers.

For venues or locations that do not have beams to trust to, or a rigging place, we do have a freestanding rig available that can be hired with one of our aerialists to perform on, depending on availability of course.

If you have booked aerial silk performers before and you want something different, perhaps you might be interested in booking our champagne aerial bar performers instead?

For more information on the Aerialists we have available, please email or call us on 0151 319 7919

For more information about the Aerial Artists and performers that we have available, and for everything you will ever need to know about Aerial Artist performances Click Here!