Caricaturist Hire
Corporate Caricaturist hire

If you are interested in hiring a Caricaturist for your event, then you have come to the right place. Caricaturists give your guests a giggle and something to take away from your event that will remind them of your event forever.

Traditional Caricaturists are great fun and exciting to watch as they draw and make their own impressions of your guests and customers or family and friends. They are ideal for filling in the gaps (especially at weddings) when people might be waiting for a room change round, or for the bride, groom and family photos to be completed. Caricaturists are perfect if you are looking for ways to create a talking point for your guests to break the ice with. Don’t forget a good caricaturist can make a buzzing atmosphere at your event too.

The artists can work from a fixed position or they can roam and mingle with your guests drawing quick sketches that take 5-10mins per person!

Now also available to hire is the newest form of character drawing, which is on the iPad! IPad or Digital Caricaturists are now becoming highly popular. They are right on trend! Many people nowadays have seen a caricaturist, but its a rare occasion for them at present to see a digital caricaturist. Most people have never seen them before, offering you something unique to add to your event.

The Ipad can be linked into a large screen, so that when the artist is drawing your guests or colleagues everyone in the room will be able to see it happening! What a laugh it is too. The caricatures can be emailed or printed out on the day for everyone to take a memento home with them.

Caricaturists are also great for attracting people to exhibition stands! Ever seen a crowd of people laughing, smiling, being entertained and wondered what was going on? Did you go over to find out? Well that’s just what can happen with the right caricaturist at your exhibition stand!

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