Celebrity Lookalikes


We have one of the UK’s largest selections of sport and celebrity lookalikes available to book for almost any event or venue worldwide. Whether you are wanting a celebrity lookalike to perform at a corporate event at a shopping centre, or a private party, we have the ideal lookalikes to suit your event.

We have provided high end celebrity meet and greet lookalikes for company promotions at Lloyds of London, to theme parks, for exhibitions to attract guests to stands, for corporate parties to mix and mingle with guests and weddings to create an ice-breaker and fun for guests and couples.

Our celebrity lookalikes are ideal for creating picture moments that your guests can take away and remember your event forever. We have provided our high end celebrity lookalikes such as Harry Potter and Hagrid for fire work extravaganzas, for acting roles, extras in soaps and dramas, modelling for corporate brand names and lots more.

Celebrity and Sporting lookalikes are great for adding that ounce of excitement, creating a buzz and great atmosphere at your event. They really give crowds of people something to talk about and create something amazing for people to remember.

Contact a member of our team today to discuss what celebrity or sporting lookalikes you require. Tel: 0151 319 7919

Lookalike 1

James Bond Cast Lookalikes

Lookalike 2

Hagrid & Harry Potter Lookalike

Lookalike 3

Jaws Lookalike

Lookalike 4

Joe Hart Lookalike

Lookalike 5

Simon Cowell Lookalike

Lookalike 6

Johnny Depp Lookalike

Lookalike 7

John Cleese Lookalike

Lookalike 8

Pamela Anderson Lookalike

Lookalike 9

Marilyn Monroe Lookalike

Lookalike 10

Mr ‘T’ Lookalike

Lookalike 12

Keira Knighley Lookalike

Lookalike 12

Jack Sparrow Lookalike

Lookalike 13

Laurel & Hardy Lookalike

Lookalike 14

Angelina Jolie / Lara Croft Lookalike

Lookalike 15

Sean Connery Lookalike

Lookalike 16

The Stig Lookalike

Lookalike 17

David Beckham Lookalike

Lookalike 18

Daniel Craig Lookalike

Lookalike 19


Lookalike 20

David & Victoria Beckham Lookalike

Lookalike 21

Jennifer Aniston Lookalike

Lookalike 22

Monty Python Lookalike

Lookalike 23

George Clooney Lookalike

Lookalike 24

Billy Connolly Lookalike

Lookalike 25

Will in The Inbetweeners Lookalike

Lookalike 26

Winston Churchill Lookalike

Lord of the Rings Cast lookalikes

Lord of the Rings Cast

Lord of the Rings Uruk-hai

Lord of the Rings Uruk-hai

Star Wars Jedi

Star Wars Jedi

Star Wars Storm Trooper

Star Wars Storm Trooper

Star Wars Vader

Star Wars Vader

Star Wars Darth Maul

Star Wars Darth Maul

Tea Trolly Mr T

Tea Trolly Mr T