Comedy Hypnotists


Stage Hypnosis and comedy hypnotists have been around since the 1800’s, but is obviously a lot more up to date nowadays. Generally during the shows everyone on stage become the STARS OF THE SHOW.

One of the great advantages of booking a hypnotist show, is that the shows will always be unique but they are also classy, clean, fun, corporate friendly and customised to any theme, event or function. They can also be great for team building exercises. We have some amazing comedy hypnotists available, with shows that can be from a 1 hour performance right up to 2 and half hours long. You choose!

For more information on the comedy hypnotist shows that we have available for your event or function, please call 0151 319 7919 or contact us here.

Hypnotist 1
Hypnotist 2
Hypnotist 3
Hypnotist 4