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Dwarf Entertainers
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Fire Breathing Dwarf Entertainers
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Meet and Greet Dwarf Entertainers

Meet and Greet dwarf entertainers are a great and unique way to create excitement and fun at your event. They can greet your guests as the arrive at your party or mix and mingle with them for photo opportunities and banter. They can dress to match almost any theme, from Halloween to Christmas Elves, English Guards to Butlers. The amount of costumes you request is your choice, although the normal is 2 so you get double the fun.

Other costume options and ideas are: Red tail coat (Ringmaster, master of ceremonies), Bananaman, Batman, Smurf, Clown (scary or fun), Super Mario & Genie. If you want something specific for your event, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Christmas Dwarf Entertainers

If you are wanting to book a dwarf entertainer to perform or act as an Elf throughout the Christmas season, you had better book early. It is one of the most popular forms of entertainment for shops, malls, City Centre grottos, hotel lunch with santa, and more! They have high quality costumes to suit the theme, do contact us for further information. info@franklin-james.co.uk

Stag & Hen Party Dwarf Hire

Yes we have all seen the stag walking down the street with someone handcuffed to him, have you ever seen a dwarf handcuffed to a stag? Well if not, you should absolutely try it! They are create fun, they have a laugh and really get into the party mode with your gang! Specific rules and terms do apply, but all can be discussed before booking. A definite must!


Our professional Dwarf Entertainers are a great way to meet and greet guests and act as an ice breaker at the start of your event. On the other hand they are also great for added fun at the end of the night gaining photographic evidence of who was in what kind of condition! We have meet & greet dwarf entertainers who will get as many photo’s as possible in the time you need, and then send all images to you on a C.D or memo stick after the booking is complete.

Fire breathing

There are very few people that actually do fire breathing in the UK, let alone Dwarf Fire Breathers! In fact there are no other dwarf fire breathers in the UK. So if you are looking for a talented, fire breathing dwarf, enquire with Franklin James today for more information and availability.