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Franklin James have some of the best Magicians for hire in the UK, close up magicians are ideal for hiring to mix and mingle at your wedding, for corporate entertainment, for party nights or even at a trade show for attracting people to your stand and doing tricks to give potential customers your business card. They can cater for all ages, races and cultures.

There are different types of magicians that you can book. There are Close-up Magicians or table magicians who are ideal for pretty much any event. They can work their magic around tables or even as one on one, creating a great atmosphere for everyone and a talking point for your guests. Booking a magician for your wedding is a really great way to make your day that extra bit special, a brilliant way to keep you and your guests entertained during any gaps, (ie during your photos) and to create wonderful memories for all. It can be a daunting task booking the right magician for your big day, and the last thing you want is a scruffy amateur with no style, class or personality showing your guests few tricks their grandad once taught them! So here are some questions and facts you might want answering first before you book:

Close up & Table Magicians:

Can move and mingle between groups of guests as they stand, maybe during a drinks reception, or they can perform to groups of people sat around a table during a meal. The great thing about booking a close up table magician is that they are flexible, easy to work with and they will cater their show to ensure your requirements are met.

How long should you book a Close up Table Magician for?
Franklin James can advise you on the standard durations, but really it comes down to what you want and need on your day. It can vary depending on how many guests you have attending your wedding, and any other time constraints on your day. Usually, it works out as 2 hours performance for 70- 100 guests.

It’s likely you have a budget in place for your wedding day so the price for hiring a magician will of course be taken into consideration and is important. It would not be a good idea however, to just go with the cheapest magician you can find. You are better having the added security of booking through an entertainment agency who work with their wedding magicians on a regular basis, they have reviews, testimonials and information about them and the entertainment will always have a back-up should anything happen in an emergency on your day! If you want quality, expect to pay in the region of £250 – £500 for two hours of close-up magic, depending on the magician, travel and other aspects.

All of the magicians that we work with are full time professionals, with full public liability insurance in place. Should a venue or client request a copy, Franklin James are more than happy to send this over.

How will we find the right Magician for our Special Day?
Franklin James understands that picking the right entertainment or magician for your special day is very important, we will listen to your requirements and needs, we will then select the best magicians who we think best suit your event or wedding and your other wedding performers and we will send you information, video clips, testimonials and details for you to consider and imagine at your event. Then its up to you to ask yourself which one would work best for us?

Franklin James are here every step of the way to help and guide you in what should be a fun and easy selection to create the perfect and special entertainment for your day.

Also available to book are the great mind blowing Illusion shows, which are generally performed for a larger audience, using stage props and usually assistants. The Illusionists that we have available will suspend your reality and leave you totally spellbound.

Franklin James also have magicians available to dress to suit different themes, like halloween or Bon fire night.

For more details or information on any of our Wedding or Corporate magicians, please don’t hesitate to call or email us.