Surprise and amaze your guests with the UK’s finest surprise singing waiters!

Sir Alex Ferguson

“Best act I’ve seen in 26 years!”
Sir Alex Ferguson

Liverpool Mutual Homes

“Absolutely made our awards night!”
Liverpool Mutual Homes

Happy Wedding Couple

“They did exactly what we wanted, every one of our guests was up dancing. It was the best wedding breakfast we’ve been to! Ha x”
Happy Wedding Couple

Prince Charles

“Simply outstanding”
Prince Charles

Singing Waiters are the perfect surprise entertainment for your wedding or corporate event!

Our teams of Surprise Singers are highly trained, professional performers who pose as members of catering, waiters or bar staff, chefs or fellow guests. As the surprise singing waiters mix and mingle with your guests, they won’t suspect a thing! Imagine your guest’s faces when the singing waiters and waitresses suddenly make a speech and then burst into song! Their voices are outstanding and the entertainment factor of this show is above and beyond.

The surprise singer shows can contain a fantastic mix of music from Opera, Classical, Musical Theatre and Chart hit pop classics from the Kings of Leon, ABBA to George Ezra, to Rat Pack, Motown and much more! There are hundreds of songs to choose from!

The teams of surprise singers or singing waiters are available for Corporate Events, Wedding Breakfast Entertainment and Receptions, after dinner shows, Concerts, Balls, Charity Events, Fundraisers, Awards Ceremonies, Restaurant Entertainment and Private Parties. Their shows are versatile and can be catered to suit almost any event.

The Singing Waiters are specialists in providing the most fantastic, live, surprise entertainment experience for any important function.

They have entertained hundreds of people at all types of events around the world. They create outstanding surprise shows to suit you and your event. They have performed at celebrity parties, weddings and events and even for the likes of Prince Charles!

You cant go wrong when booking our Surprise Singing Waiters, we look after all the details for you. All you have to do, is sit back and enjoy! Call us on 0151 319 7919 or email to find out more or CLICK HERE for a Simple guide on Hiring Surprise Singers for your event!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Every singing waiter performance is different. Their shows are bespoke and catered to suit you and your event or wedding. First thing, we need to find out what style of music you will like, whether it be a good mixture of Opera, Pop and other classic Pop Songs or perhaps you would like all swing? Either way, this is important, as our singing waiters want to perform hits that suit you and your guests and make your day unique and memorable to you. Next we need to find out what type of surprise you want? Whether you want a singing waiter and a singing chef, singing firemen or a singing waiter flash mob. Finally we need to know how you would like them to open the show? Whether it be an announcement on behalf of the waiters that one is leaving or something more dramatic like a brief argument! Don’t worry though, we can provide you with options and ideas on all of the above.

Next we contact the venue to confirm what uniforms their waiters wear, so that ours may dress to match the venues waiters on the day, so your guests would never know the difference. We will also arrange a suitable arrival time with you and the venue to make sure none of your guests spot our singing waiters setting up their pa system or sound-checking. This is normally well in advance of your guests arriving.

If you decide on booking our most popular option, which is the Surprise singing Waiters, our waiters will then act as the waiters of the venue, assisting with the drinks, starters and main course or buffet depending on what you are having, before singing into action. We will arrange all for you, saving you time and worry about the logistics. Once the booking has been made, details discussed and chosen, we will arrange everything on your behalf. We make it easy and hassle free for you.

How long is the surprise singing waiter show?

The shows can vary in length depending on your requirements, however usually the surprise singing waiter show lasts up to 40 minutes. Approximately 8-10 songs.

Where are your singing waiters based and do they travel?

We have teams of surprise singing waiters based around the uk, from Manchester to London, Scotland to Newcastle and they do travel anywhere!

Can I see the singing waiters in action before booking?
It is very difficult for you to see our singing waiters in action, as they are usually always booked for corporate events, private parties or weddings. So unless you’re a guest attending the event, then unfortunately you can’t see our singing waiters perform live. We do have video footage of our singing waiters performing live in action from previous events and lots and lots of outstanding testimonials and recommendations.
Can I request a song?

By all means if you want a particular song performed then our singing waiters shall try their best to accommodate you, as long as the track is commercially available and as long as the singing waiters know well in advance.

Do your singing waiters have their own PA music system?
Yes. Our singing waiters have their own high quality, portable music system and they always use radio microphones, meaning that once set up, they can roam around freely when performing. All of our singing waiters professional sound equipment is PAT tested.
Do they have public liability insurance?
Yes. It is company policy that all of the acts we work with have full public liability insurance. Our singing waiters are included. They have public liability insurance of up to 10 million pounds, and can provide proof should you or your venue require..
How many performers can I book?
Because the show is catered to suit you and your event, this is a part that is completely up to you. It will depend greatly on your budget and the size of your event. However it is always completely up to you. We can provide up to teams of 10 singing waiters or more.
What makes you different other 'Singing Waiter' companies?

We can confidently say that we have vetted and auditioned all of our singing waiters, they are all highly trained, experienced professionals. You don’t need to worry about the quality of our performers, which can be hit and miss with other companies. Imagine the difference between having a pub/club performer at your wedding compared to a professional, experienced and reliable performer. The difference in quality is staggering! We have been providing singing waiters for over eight years now, time and time again they are recommended and referred, they would only get re-booked and recommended if they were of the highest quality.

All of our surprise singing waiters are trained to the very highest standard. It takes skill, practise and hard work to learn to entertain as well as sing. Some entertainment agencies will just send any old singer, who performs in pubs, bars, and alike. However, all of our surprise waiters have been seen at real events, we are very selective about who we choose to represent. Finally, our testimonials from previous clients speak volumes. Our singing waiters are recommended and referred time and time again.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Our singing waiters can be booked for events up to two years in advance. If you have a date in mind call immediately so you can be sure to book them for the date you have in mind. 0151 319 7919

How do I book?
You can call us on 01494 682800 or get in touch by email Tell us what date your event or wedding is and we will get back to you right away to discuss availability and your requirements. Once you are happy with everything, we then send a booking confirmation to yourself detailing all requirements discussed for your event, this will also be sent to the surprise singers to sign and return for your security. Upon receipt of your signed copy, we will fully confirm your booking. Nearer the performance date we will be in touch with you and the venue to reconfirm all final details. Of course though, you can contact us any time should you have questions.

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