Pyra Laser Pyramid


The Pyra Laser Pyramid Show with beaming laser highlights, is an acrobatic action powered show. It is a modern show that has been able to create new opportunities for company branding to be portrayed through a visually compelling performance, performed at events, shows and on TV!

Brands, logos and products can be presented by light and laser projection, as well as removable stickers on the show element – the pyramid.
Set your product or brand in the focus of your next event, together with an stunning and unprecedented acrobatic show!

Show extract
White pyramid – with or without logo projection – up heaving on stage… With the first beats of music the performance awakes by laser and silhouettes inside the pyramid… The unleashing of the pyramid and the choreographic move of laser highlights on the requisites are the introduction of the unique juggle routine, where human, technique and precision come together, in this visually stunning live show!

Presentation possibilities
Representation of branding and logos, up to approximately 0.80m (per pyramid side) as eye catcher and / or decoration before and during the show by:
Light- & video projection
Laser projection
Removal sticker
Advertising tools, like pictures, videos, PowerPoints etc, can be set on focus in this modern live performance!

Show durations
Original (ca. 6-7 minutes)
Bespoke Show Options Available