A-Z of Hiring surprise singing Waiters, Chefs and Guests.

Surprise Singers are professionals who disguise themselves as a person performing in a “normal role.” They surprise audiences with their show openings, excellent vocal abilities and the entertainment factor when the time is right!

They present an amazing style of musical expression and performance in order to excite and entertain your guests during corporate dinners, wedding breakfasts and more. Surprise Singers can be in the form of singing waiters, singing chefs, or surprise singing guests. You can even mix and match them for the ultimate surprise element at your event. Imagine a surprise singing chef entering the room singing, then suddenly a “planted Guest” stands up and starts joining in with the chef in harmony and then a waiter or waitress from across the other side of the room joins in too for the ultimate surprise element! You can choose the show style that suits your event best and you’ll be sure to leave your audience or guests fully engaged, fascinated and best of all, with memories that will be talked about for months, if not years to come!

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How to Hire Quality Surprise Singers
Having surprise singing waiters and singers perform at your event is very entertaining for both you and your guests, but it won’t be as fascinating as you want if it is not done by professionals. Only professional and experienced surprise singers provide shows that combines superb performance style, the capability to “blend” into your event so that no one suspects anything before the show starts and excellent comedy operating skills! Here is a complete guide on everything you need to know about hiring High Quality Surprise Waiters, Chefs or Guests.


Singers in Disguise
The main key to an effective surprise singing performance is the ability to surprise people without a clue of suspicion — no one in the audience can have the slightest idea that the individual sitting near them, providing their refreshments or evening meal is truly a performer in disguise! The very best surprise groups therefore spend some time and effort liaising together with you and the venue beforehand to ensure they may become part of your event without raising suspicion.

What Type of Surprise Singing Shows Are Available?
The original and most popular surprise show is the “Singing waiter act” that takes place during a meal. This is where a “scene,” (prearranged with yourself), starts to occur in which the waiter(s) may start an argument between themselves, or make an announcement of some form and then starts singing with their microphone, through the PA system that was set up before you and your guests arrived! Another example would be perhaps where “the chef” emerges from the kitchen to either make a dramatic announcement or check to see if your food is ok, and from here he/she begins singing and it could be anything from Opera to Pop! Most surprise singing groups are incredibly flexible in how you would like the show opening and also allowing you to choose a selection of songs that they can perform!

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Most Surprise Singers are strict about the audio system they use to ensure that they feature the very best sound quality for everyone in the room. Most perform to high quality backing tracks, using their own microphones. The Surprise Singers usually provide their own sound system too, and they set up before any guests arrive at the event, so that they can sound-check and change into either matching waiter uniforms to that of the venues waiters or into their alternative “Egos” whether they are chefs or guests. For larger events or corporate bookings, many surprise singers will be happy to use a PA system already provided at the venue, as long as it is suitable for their performance. A member of our team can liaise with the sound technicians to ensure everything is organized and adequate for the performance to take place.

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What equipment will my Surprise Singers need?

To “blend” properly, singing waiters will require matching uniforms to complement those of the hotel or venue, if hiring through an entertainment agency, they should pre-arrange this with the venue for you so the singing waiters are prepared on arrival— and in the right and comfortable sizes.

The performers must be provided with a place to change their personal clothes to their outfits or uniforms, as well as holding any extra props, or their belongings securely. This should be considered a private, lockable room like a meeting room or bedroom.

How much space will the Surprise Singers require?
Surprise Singers are experts in managing almost any space, they use wireless microphones so that they can perform from any point of the room, and their pa systems are usually small and portable, but big enough to project the perfect sound quality. They will find the best part of the venue to make an entry, stand, and sing! When they arrive at the location or venue, they will look at the area before the guests arrive, set up their pa system and perform a sound check. If there’s a stage or anything similar, they’ll probably want to use this as well, to ensure every visitor gets a nice view of their act.

Besides that, they will just desire a changing room, a car parking space or two, and somewhere quiet to relax before their performance begins.
What is the usual performance length for Surprise Singers?

Most Surprise Singers execute a single performance generally lasting between 20 and 40 minutes. This is an extremely suitable timeframe, enough for everyone to take pleasure from the music and performance, however not too long to fully interrupt the flow of the event/evening. The great thing about this style of show is that is can be completely tailored to suit you and your event requirements.

Anything else?
Since the surprise singers will be leaving early to travel to your event, setting up before your guests arrive and then they will be busy the whole time during your event, you should offer them food or a small meal and soft drinks. If the performer is posing as a visitor at meals, they must be given food, although they might not wish to eat or drink too much before they sing.

With all being said, Surprise Singers are an absolute must for any event and can increase the fun, create wonderful memories and really entertain your guests at your event. We at Franklin James Entertainments are experienced professionals and have some of the very best surprise singing waiters and singers available.

Franklin James Entertainments provided the very first teams of surprise singing waiters over ten years ago! To date, we have five different teams available, who perform at various events throughout the UK. They strive to ensure that every performance is bespoke and in-keeping with your event type and our singing waiters ensure that every performance is absolutely outstanding. As such, our singing waiters are recommended, referred and even re-booked time and time again!

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Our Singing Waiters provide surprise entertainment for any event. With trained vocalists performing hits from Opera, Classical to Pop, they amaze any audience.

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