P@ssword Dance Show

led dance vocal show

corporate dance theme show ideas
modern corporate dance vocal theme show ideas
P@55w0rd is a brilliant “Dance” inspired show and it truly is a show that grabs the audience from the first moment and never lets go.

It’s an ultra modern show that is interactive on the big screen where our main character “Danny Download” tries to enter an on-line dance competition but each time he tries to enter his password it’s rejected, and rejected, and rejected… until his computer has a breakdown and the characters within the program come to life.

Featuring LED, and Fibre Optic costumes, a dance inspired soundtrack; unique vocal arrangements, choreography from some of the UK’s leading commercial choreographers and a hugely entertaining show concept, this is an amazing production that every single audience its been performed too has loved.

Rock your body
Can’t help the feeling
Wrapped up
Novation Launchpad Stayin alive
Can’t touch this
Crazy stupid Love