Video Promotion Tips for Artists & Entertainers

Video Promotion for Artists and Entertainers

If you think that video marketing or video promotion is just a passing craze, then think again! Having a professional, good quality video can be the difference in someone booking you instead of someone else who doesn’t have one!

It enables you to reach a broader audience around the globe and boosts your profile via endless social media and other internet sites. After all, youtube is the number two search engine in the world!

Your video only needs to be 2 minutes long, enough to give people a live snippet of what you do. Something that backs up everything you have said in your biography that makes you stand out as a real life performer…

Having good quality publicity can help determine what type of gigs you get. A corporate client is not going to book an act who doesn’t have professional and high quality images, video and text. As an experienced agency in the corporate business, we know what our clients want and ask for on a daily basis when it comes to booking acts.

In the same instance, a bad sounding, unprofessional video is not going to do you any justice either. So make sure its of a good standard compared to the competitors in your field.

As an entertainment agency who books entertainment for corporate events and wedding entertainment, we find it helps us greatly to promote an act with all the right publicity that includes good video footage.

Even with a small budget, any act can produce a quality video to promote what you do and the type of act you are. Here are some tips which can help you make the most of your video marketing:
#1 Use a professional company who can come and record one of your performances live. Ensure the venue has a good setting, that it is clean and has good lighting.
#2 Post your video on YouTube
#3 Send it to agents and keep them up to date with your publicity. Stay fresh and current in this changing industry.
#4 Make sure when sending your video to agents for promotion that your video does not have your direct contact details or website on it! Make it agent friendly so they can promote you easily and freely to their clients and contacts.
#5 Write great titles that are relevant to your act – A great title will not only attract the attention of your audience, but will also enhance the ranking of your video.
#6 Promote – no one will see your video unless you put it out there!

Want more gigs? Then its time to get your publicity up to date, get your promo video booked and get it out there. Get current, get fresh, start helping us to promote your act to a video and social media mad network of people.

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  1. This is very informative post for entertainers. They can get knowledge through this post about that how can they promote their videos. by following these ideas they can get success in their profession.

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